Total Drama FAQ Part 1

Hey gang!
With Total Drama World Tour having just wrapped up on TELETOON, we wanted to take some time to answer a bunch of the questions we’ve been getting here on re:Fresh about Total Drama seasons past and present. And who better to ask than Mark Thornton and Todd Kaufmann, Directors of TDI and TDA, and Keith Oliver and Chad Hicks, Directors of TDWT and the upcoming Total Drama: Revenge of the Island!

Q: Was Britney Spears’ bald fiasco the inspiration for making Heather bald in TDA?

A: (Mark and Todd) Not that we’re aware of- just a happy coincidence!

Q: Will we ever learn the full names of the TD contestants past and future (those competing in the 4th season)? So far, only Cody, Harold, and Alejandro’s last names have been revealed (not to mention Chris, Chef, and Blaineley).

A: (Keith and Chad) Probably not, unless it’s somehow important. Or funny. Or both.

Q: Speaking of Blaineley, what became of Josh?

A: (Keith and Chad) Josh became the host of his own reality-based television series, “Nobody Likes Josh”. Unfortunately, the ratings were indicative of the title and the show was canceled after the second episode. He’s since returned to hosting “Celebrity Manhunt”… at a severely reduced pay rate.

Q: Noah from Total Drama’s original stereotype for the season was “The Schemer.” However due to his early elimination in Season 1, this trait was never exhibited. In Season 3, his stereotype was changed to “The High IQ” which seemed to make more sense. So my question is this. Was Noah originally intended to be a more major or more villainous character in production?

A: (Mark and Todd) Don’t you think you need a high I.Q. to scheme?

Q: Is Alejandro really a robot now? o.O

A: (Keith and Chad) Nope. Alejandro is a cyborg, which is a completely different thing.

Tune in next Monday for the next batch of answers! Huge thanks to Mark, Todd, Keith and Chad for the behind the scenes info, and to the fans who provided the questions!

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