Grojband Characters: Trina Riffin


Not long ago, we introduced you to Corey ‘Core’ Riffin, the hero and front man of Grojband, Todd Kauffman and Mark Thornton’s new animated series which is currently in pre-production at Fresh TV.

Today we’ve got some info on Corey’s greatest foe and constant challenge: his sister, Trina!

TRINA RIFFIN – Sister/Keeper of Words “Just try to imagine… Just imagine… How little I care and junk.”

This emotional 16-year-old is Corey’s sister and ARCH-NEMESIS. Trina’s got no clue that Corey’s stealing her diary and thinks his ANNOYING little band is nothing more than a waste of good garage space. A garage SHE could be using as her own, gigantic bedroom. So she’s out to wreck Corey’s plans whenever she can.

Trina is the QUEEN BEE at Elementary High. She’s as popular as she is feared by students and teachers alike. People don’t hang with Trina because they want to – they simply have to.

Being Trina’s friend is kinda like a job, and some people will do just about anything to stay in her good books. Trina knows she has this school and its faculty wrapped around her little finger and she uses it to her advantage every chance she gets. “Think of our friendship as your internship to popularity.”

Trina’s diary entries are a mirror of her personality – self-important, melodramatic and read like something out of Anne of Green Gables. And even though Corey and the band do their fair share to make her act like a complete diva, in the end it’s her own rotten attitude that gets in the way of her success and happiness.

Trina makes a great foil for Corey and his friends and from the early versions of the episode scripts I’ve gotten to take a peek at she gets some of the funniest lines and parts.

You’ll definitely be seeing more of Trina and the rest the Grojband cast in the months to come, so stay tuned and…

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