Total Drama All-Stars Speculation

Production for TOTAL DRAMA ALL-STARS, the fifth season of TOTAL DRAMA, is well underway! Every good Fresh fan knows what that means: time to start trying to pick out a winner!

If there’s one thing that the TOTAL DRAMA series is known for it’s that it’s anybody’s game right up to the last scene of the season’s last episode.

On the other hand, if there’s anything all of you are known for it’s that knowing that never stops you from trying to spot the ultimate champion right from the get-go! So that’s the question: who goes home with the money and who just has to go home?

What do we know so far?

Well, like the title suggests, we’ll be seeing some returning favourites. TOTAL DRAMA ALL-STARS indeed! But who makes the cut?

Mr. Behind-the-Scenes himself, Christian Potenza, the voice of Chris McLean, has already let a few teasers slip out.

For one, he introduced us to the mysterious Alex House who is new to the cast of TOTAL DRAMA ALL-STARS but will be voicing a familiar character.

We can confirm that Alex will be voicing Alejandro, who came out on top in TOTAL DRAMA WORLD TOUR but didn’t get to enjoy the prize. Considering the shape he was in when we last saw him, though, is Alejandro in any condition to compete in a new season?

That video also drops a few more names for TOTAL DRAMA ALL-STARS, including my man Cameron, another returning champ! Why’s Cameron subjecting himself to another season of Chris’ insane challenges? No idea but the poster bubble-boy for brain over brawn is a serious contender!

How about past runner-up from the very first season of TOTAL DRAMA: Gwen! Talk about a fan favourite… or fan hated, if you’re a Courtney/Duncan shipper!

Gwen’s a serious threat on her own, a formidable team player and she’s shown real leadership chops to boot. Whatever Season 5 throws at her, she’s always got something to bring to the table!

Speaking of which, there’s only one past camper who brings C.I.T. skills to the table: Courtney! She’ll also be making her return in TOTAL DRAMA ALL-STARS and it’s going to be interesting to see where she stands when it comes to her former castmates!

The character reveals don’t stop there, though!

Sierra went from the ultimate fangirl to a serious contestant in her own right. Now that she’s a veteran player, she’s got just as much to prove as any of the others! Between her endless energy and surprising strength she may just be the underdog to keep an eye on!

So how about it?

Who else are you hoping to see on TOTAL DRAMA ALL-STARS and who do you think is going to win the prize when all is said and done?

Drop us a line in the comments below to have your say!

Stay fresh,

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