MIPCOM News with Tom McGillis

Earlier in the month Fresh TV was at MIPCOM, the annual television and entertainment event held in Cannes, France. This is one of the places to be for making deals, selling new shows to interested networks and discussing trends in the industry. Even better, this year featured Canada: Country of Honour, “an immersive celebration of the best of Canadian TV, film and digital entertainment.”

Fresh President and Executive Producer Tom McGillis took time when our team got back to give us the scoop on what went down!

This year was an exciting one for kids television. Fresh TV’s new show Grojband was snapped up in a bunch of countries including for the USA by Cartoon Network. There was also plenty of buzz about the US ratings for the finale of My Babysitter’s a Vampire on Disney Channel.

Our partners at Fremantle Media made a big splash with their launch party for Wizards vs. Aliens. This new show comes from producer Russell T. Davies – the guy who relaunched Doctor Who. The party featured creepy dudes walking around in hooded capes serving food that looked mysterious (and inedible!), dry ice, and some pretty impressive clips from the show. The series will launch on CBBC in the UK sometime soon.

Cartoon Network’s El Presidente Stu Snyder gave the keynote address. Turns out, Cartoon Network just had their 20th birthday. Happy Birthday Cartoon Network! They’ve got lots to celebrate now that their original animation The Regular Show and Adventure Time are kicking butt in the ratings.

The big news for Fresh fans is that Cartoon Network also ordered up another season of Total Drama and we have already started production here in Toronto. The first 13 episodes will be an all-star season (participants to be revealed soon!) and the following 13 episodes will introduce a whole new cast of characters (whom I promise you will like.)

Now I need a nap to recover from my jet lag!

— Tom McGillis

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