Happy Birthday Rachel Wilson!

Today we’re celebrating another Fresh TV birthday! This time it’s the big day for Total Drama‘s Rachel Wilson, the voice of ruthless manipulator and all around clever competitor Heather!

Born in Ottawa, Rachel started acting at the age of twelve in the made-for-TV movie Power Pack. Her list of roles only continued to grow faster and faster from that point, appearing in the classic series Are You Afraid of the Dark? and on the Canadian teen-targeted talk show Jonovision.

From 1997 to 1998 Rachel was one of the stars of the hit series Breaker High, about teenagers attending a high school that also just so happened to be a cruise ship! Rachel played the quirky Tamira Goldstein, a standout fan favourite.

Since then Rachel has appeared in everything from the still quoted Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me to the odd-couple series Popular to medical drama Gideon’s Crossing to supernatural adventure Charmed to the family focused Judging Amy! The list just keeps going on and on and it really demonstrates just how many different roles Rachel has played over the years.


Naturally Total Drama fans will know Rachel best at the voice of Heather, one of the original contestants on Total Drama Island! Classified as The Queen Bee, Heather was definitely on the island to win, not to make friends. Her underhanded tactics and cruel tricks made her a villain fans loved to hate and were a big reason for the ‘Drama’ in the title Total Drama Island!


Heather got even further in the competition in Total Drama World Tour while meeting her devious match in Alejandro. Getting a taste of her own medicine was a defining character arc for Heather and Rachel did an amazing job carrying the character through her development over the show’s seasons.


Currently Rachel is appearing in let another host of television shows! On two very, very different detective shows, Rachel plays Dr. Nikki Renholds on Republic of Doyle while on Murdoch Mysteries she appears as Tess Moffatt. She has a recurring role on Bomb Girls as Theresa and had a role on Rookie Blue as well!

You can never tell where Rachel Wilson is going to show up next but we can’t wait to find out! Happy birthday, Rachel!

Stay fresh,

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