Happy Birthday Megan Fahlenbock!

It’s time for another Fresh TV birthday! Today we’re sending out a big happy birthday to Megan Fahlenbock, the voice of 6TEEN’s Jen and Total Drama‘s Gwen!

Megan began her eventful career as a film and television actress in the 1987 World War II drama Lena: My 100 Children. From there it was a steady stream of appearances and roles on shows from the spy thriller La Femme Nikita to the world-traveling Relic Hunter and films like 2001’s Get Over It, a high school comedy loosely based on ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’.


She hasn’t slowed down one bit since then, either! In recent years she’s popped up in hit television shows like Being Erica, Suits and Warehouse 13. Megan also starred in the Canadian mockumentary The Baby Formula, which premiered at the Inside Out Film and Video Festival in Toronto in 2009!

Most Fresh fans will know Megan best as a voice actor, of course!

In 2001 she voiced the fan favourite Marvel character Rogue in the videogame X-Men: Mutant Academy 2 and from 2004 to 2010 she was the voice of the super sporty, super organized Jen Masterson on Fresh TV’s 6TEEN! Megan brought Jen to life with a tricky mix of self-confidence and constant fretting that gave the character depth that viewers really responded to.

Obviously we at Fresh thought she was pretty great, too, because when Total Drama Island was being cast she was the natural choice to play Gwen, the sarcastic goth with a heart of gold! Just like Jen, Gwen is a complicated character with a lot of layers and she’s gotten a lot of development since that first season. It takes a truly talented voice actor to get all of that across and Megan has always been more than up to the task!

With Total Drama All-Stars on its way we’ll be hearing more from Megan Fahlenbock soon!

Happy birthday!

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