Happy Birthday Drew Nelson!

August 11, 2013 3:12 pm | by Christine Thompson

Today we’re wishing a happy birthday to Total Drama‘s Drew Nelson, the voice of bad boy heartthrob Duncan!

Drew is a Toronto native who got his start in acting while in high school. His first film appearance was in 681-0638, a 2001 movie about a typical New York phone booth and the lives of the people who used it. Drew followed that up with a steady string of movies and television shows including Earth: Final Conflict and The Red Sneakers.

The first time he came to the attention of Fresh fans was actually before his most famous voice acting role! Drew played Kai in the 6TEEN episode ‘The New Guy’. An assistant mall security guard is about as far from his Total Drama character as you can get but obviously he made a huge impression and the team knew they needed to have Drew in a larger role.

Meanwhile Drew has made a name in some of the hottest live action genre shows around. He’s appeared on Smallville, Supernatural, Fringe and Lost Girl! On the side of shows more grounded in the real world he’s been on both breakout hit police dramas Flashpoint and Rookie Blue and later this very week on a new episode of the third season of Suits!


Of course reader here at re:Fresh will know Drew as the voice of Duncan, one of the original Total Drama Island contestants and an instant fan favourite. From fan art and fan fiction to questions in e-mails and written letters there’s no question that Duncan is one of the Total Drama cast members most on your minds!

All that love – and sometimes all that love-to-hate! – means that Duncan’s life has gotten pretty interesting over the seasons, from winning Total Drama Action to quitting Total Drama World Tour! Oh, and I guess there’s been some romantic ups and downs, too? I’m sure you’ll let us know in the comment section below how you feel about that!

With Total Drama All Stars on the way you’ll be hearing a lot more from Drew Nelson soon! In the meantime, happy birthday, Drew!

Stay fresh,


Happy Birthday Duncan! You rock dude :)

And... hi again freshtv crew