Happy Birthday Christian Potenza!

It’s December and there’s snow on the ground which means it’s time to wish a very special happy birthday! You know the one I mean, right? You’ve got it, Christian Potenza, Fresh TV’s go-to funnyman for all things laid back and chill!

Fresh fans already know Christian well and have ever since he provided the voice to 6TEEN‘s slacker extraordinaire Jude Lizowski.

Christian brought a loveable charm to Jude that helped to make him the heart of 6TEEN‘s group of food court hanging friends and added delightful nuance to the delivery of ‘dude’.

Simultaneously Christian voiced Chris McLean, the egomaniacal host of Total Drama Island and every Total Drama season since!

Where he made fans love Jude, he made them love to hate Chris, who always has one more plan to wring entertainment value out of the misery of the contestants — and line his own pockets along the way!

Through each evolution of Total Drama, Chris McLean has remained a constant, iconic feature from his animated appearances to the Chris McLean statuettes around the Fresh TV offices!

Most recently, Christian appeared in Fresh TV’s live action horror comedy Bunks as the zen camper for life ‘Crawl’.

We got deep into Crawl’s character earlier here on re:Fresh but for some Fresh fans this was the first time they’d put a face to the voice they already knew so well!


Even so it was hardly Christian’s first live action acting work.

Christian is one of the most prolific actors around, popping up in a long list of shows and movies all the way back to 1997!

From La Femme Nikita to Leap Years to Degrassi: The Next Generation to Mutant X there aren’t a lot of sets around Toronto that haven’t hosted his talents.

His more recent appearances haven’t slowed down at all and include hits like Rookie Blue, Flashpoint and Murdoch Mysteries.

Meanwhile, animation fans will also recognize his voice as Trevor on Sidekick!


With that much going on, hopefully Christian Potenza can take some time to celebrate that birthday of his, too!

Happy Birthday, Christian!

Stay fresh,

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