Happy Birthday Atticus Dean Mitchell!

Today we’re sending a big birthday wish out to My Babysitter’s a Vampire‘s Atticus Dean Mitchell!

Fresh TV fans and fanged fledgling fanatics of course know Atticus as the actor who portrays Benny Weir, the spell-slinging, wise-cracking lovable goofball of Whitechapel’s defenders against everything that goes bump in the night. Of course, Benny’s enthusiasm and view of the rules as something more like guidelines are what get the gang into the trouble in the first place a lot of the time but when danger comes calling or that pizza delivery took thirty-one minutes to arrive, he’s the spellmaster you want in your corner.

Atticus’ performance in the My Babysitter’s a Vampire movie earned him a Gemini Award nomination in 2011 and was a big part of the successful chemistry of the cast that led to the film turning into a television series! Off screen he’s both a joker and a talented musician and listening to him banter with Cameron Kennedy is one of the best parts about being on set.


Atticus has also had a recurring role on How To Be Indie as Carlos Martinelli and will be guest starring as Caleb in the upcoming thirteen part mini-series Hard Rock Medical later this year.

The big Atticus Dean Mitchell news for 2013, though, was definitely his role in The Colony! As we discussed previously here on re:Fresh, The Colony is a post-apocalyptic thriller where a world where it started snowing and just never stopped is actually the least of our heroes’ worries!

Atticus plays Graydon, one of the three-man rescue team looking for survivors of a neighbouring underground colony alongside film giants Laurence Fishburne and Kevin Zegers. The film is a lot of nerve-wracking fun and if you’re an Atticus Dean Mitchell fan who’s watched both seasons of My Babysitter’s a Vampire enough times that your eyes are starting to glow like a seer, it’s a great way to get your next ADM fix.

It’s looking like 2013 is going to be a very big year for Atticus Dean Mitchell! Happy birthday!

Stay fresh,

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